Sometimes our collage work inspires a poem, or, more rarely, a poem inspires a piece of art.  Furthermore, our work is full of certain themes, symbols and concepts that reappear again and again.  Occasionally, we’ve already created a poem or collage around an image and now  find ourselves playing with it again here, at Two Twitch a Tale.  This is just the sort of synchronicity Trickster might indulge in during one of his more beneficent moods!

Trickster stories take many forms,  but they have one thing in common, they always underscore the connectivity of all things.  Trickster engages with any and all, even stones and Tar Babies; no animal is too insignificant or two grand to escape his attention, and Trickster wants a piece of their action, no matter how humdrum.  One of his jobs is to advise us to pay attention to those strings of connectivity, lest we trip over them and land splat! face down in the mud.

At the heart of poetry is metaphor – metaphor comes from the Greek root words μετά (meta), “between”  and  φέρω (pherō), “to bear”, “to carry.   Today,  metaphor “describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object.”  In other words, a metaphor makes a connection or rather uncovers the connection between seemingly disparate objects, people, events, etc.  It facilitates the transfer of meaning from one thing to another.

So in honor of Coyote, Rabbit, Raven, Spider and all other Tricksters and they ways they serve us, we’ve created a poetry page to archive the poems related to themes in our artwork.  Want to play along?  Send us a poem related to one of our topics and we’ll feature it here.

Leave a comment. We want to hear from you.

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