King Pierus and his Daughters
July Week #1 single entry

This myth comes from Greece. It is the tale of King Pierus and his nine daughters. The king was full of pride. He decided to name his nine daughters after the nine Goddess Muses. As time went by each daughter developed the skill designated by her name. For an example, Calliope worked on Epic Poetry, Clio wrote about history, Thalia was interested in comedy and pastoral poetry.

One day King Pierus challenged the Greek Muses to a singing contest, stating that his daughters could out sing the Goddesses. After the Muses won the contest, King Pierus’s daughters were turned into chattering Magpies. It is said that the Pierides (the King’s daughters) sang about epic events but had their facts wrong.

In another myth the seven-toned musical scale was the Muse’s invention, supposedly based on their “Music of the seven spheres.”



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