Traditional Candlemass
Bridget’s Day February 2

The word “Imbolc” comes from an Irish word originally thought to mean ‘in the belly’ although many people translate it as ‘ewe’s milk’. Imbolc celebrates poetry, birth and change. It is a time of transition when the sleeping Earth heaves and stretches, shrugging off boulders, sluicing new channels, allowing green shoots to thrust through her skin. Ewes birth and give suck to lambs. Bears awaken and leave their dens trailing twin cubs.

Bridget is a goddess of fire, an ancient sun goddess who comes rolling up her sleeves, flexing her muscles ready for all the work spring requires to manifest. She is a triple goddess adept in metal craft, smithing, healing and poetry. She is a strong feminine force who survives as Ireland’s patron saint with her name intact. Her name continues to strike primal chords of poetry and remembrance from the Celtic soul. Is it any wonder that Candlemass involves blessing her instrument, the throat, with the candles, which carry her element, fire?

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