The Monthly Focus Tale
Each month there will be a focus Tale or a focus Category. Category meaning,  a collection of very short stories … fairy tales, myths, fables or plays that share a common theme.  At the end of the Month we will select a new Monthly Focus Tale and Post it here. This will serve as our platform, or focus for the following month.
(The weekly prompts will remain the same (see Prompts)



Two Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales

The Ugly Duckling
The Princess and the Pea
Plus a bonus tale: King Pierus and his Daughters
(Calling the Muses)


The Young Krishna: A Hindu tale.

May                                                                                                                                           Native American Myths and Tales from the Pacific Northwest about Tricksters.  “The Tricksters.”  Each week we will explore a different trickster. 1st week,  Coyote,  2nd week, Rabbit,  the third week, Raven, and the last week, Spider.

April                                                                                                                                  Pandora’s Box: A Greek Myth.   Since there are 5 Mondays in April on the 5th week we added Adam and Eve,  and The Bremen Town Musicians

The Brothers Grimm’s Fairytale “The Fisherman and His Wife.”

The Brothers Grimm’s Fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood.”
Bonus Extra Tale: “Imbolc; Bridget’s Day”


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