The two in “Two Twitch a Tale” are  Christine Irving and Michelle Anglin, two artist friends who have joined together to create this blog. Our plan is to focus on Tales … Myths, Fairy tales and Fables. We will be working with collage and mixed media. It is our intention to post 4 pieces of art, one each week, exploring different aspects of the fairytale. Click on Prompts on the navigation bar to see the different ways we’ll be exploring each tale. Along the way, we will be commenting on our artwork, discussing our process, ideas and anything that has come up during the creative process.

Each month we will select a new myth or fairytale to work with. We invite the reader to play along with us by commenting on our artwork and our blog postings. We look forward to our collaborative challenge and to your insightful comments.


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  1. Hi Michelle – I look forward to watching and participating as the months unfold! (If you go to Settings–Discussion on your Dashboard, you can choose comment settings on your blog. I suggest that you turn off “users must be registered and logged in to comments” because then only users can participate (I think you currently have that function checked because I had to log in to my account to comment).


  2. Hi Christine and Michelle – I came across your blog via Creative Every Day and I want to let you know I really enjoyed the February series and I can’t wait for March. Love your collages and your post essays (I learned a lot!) and I like the structure of the project – at least the first 3 weeks. Not sure trying to fit it into Creative Every Day in the 4th week is organic to the project, but will have to see. I guess I’d like to see a wrap-up of the month…a review of the insights gained or something. But ANYWAY, I want to give you feedback because I think you have a great idea. A final thought – or maybe request: : how about turning on comments on your posts so readers can participate, and it would be great also to invite others to play along on their blogs from week to week–and share. Again, though, love this! Thank you!


    • Denise,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments regarding our new blog … Two Twitch a Tale. It is exciting when we get comments and suggestions. In our very first post we invited readers to join us by playing along. We have talked about getting a Flicker account so that others can post their art work; however, I like your idea of having the reader post artwork on their own blog site. It would encourage all of us to connect.

      I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of navigating my way through WordPress. I haven’t figured out how to “turn on” the comment box. There is a tiny “comment” at the bottom of our posts but it is hardly inviting. What I want is a good size box for the reader to write in. As soon as I figure out how to make that change I will. We want our readers to dialogue with us.

      Our blog is evolving. We are still refining the site and our ideas. A monthly story wrap-up and review with insights gained and after thoughts, is an idea worth considering. Your comment about connecting to “Creative Everyday” blog site for our last weeks prompt is in its infant stage. We will be seeing how that works for us. Again, thank you for your suggestions and comments. Michelle


    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, I too look forwrd to seeing how other folk interpret the tales as we twitch them. Sally-Shakti Willow is already playing along. Find her thoughtful posts, insights and artwork at her site, Inner Nature.

      We chose to use Leah’s monthly prompt for two reasons- I)We both loved her website. 2)We wanted to add an element of randomness not generated by us. We trust her prompts will act as lucky “accidents” those chance encounters with found objects that can, in conjunction with a ready mind, become art, as when Picasso happened across the juxtaposition of a bar of handlebars and a bicycle seat lying in a trash heap and turned them into his “Bull’s Head” The idea is not so much to stick to a theme as to use the theme as a launching pad for our imaginations.


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