Coyote Fights a Lump of Pitch
White Mountain Apache.

Coyote is always stealing ears of wheat from the White People’s fields. The Farmer decides the best way to catch Coyote is to create a “Man of Pitch.” He creates the Man of Pitch and puts it in the middle of Coyote’s path. Later Coyote comes along and sees the “Man” and tells him to step aside. When the Man doesn’t move Coyote gets angry.  “Get over,” says Coyote. “Let me pass.” After repeatedly telling the “Pitch Man” to move, Coyote warns him about the his fist that has killed many. Coyote ends up like Brer Rabbit all stuck to the Pitch Man. In the morning the farmer comes and puts a chain around Coyote’s neck and takes him to the house. “This is the one stealing from me,” he tells his family. They have a meeting and decide to put Coyote in a pot of boiling water. They
set the water on to heat and put chained up Coyote next to the side of the house. Pretty soon Coyote sees Gray Fox coming along, loafing around. Coyote calls him over. “My cousin,” he says, “There are lots of things cooking for me in that there pot.”  He gestures towards the pot that’s heating water to scald him. “There are potatoes, coffee, bread, and all kinds of food for me cooking in that pot and if you want we can share.  It’ll be done soon but first I need your help.” He tells Fox, “Would you put this chain around your neck while I go and urinate behind that bush?” Fox agrees and puts the chain around his neck. Coyote runs into the bushes, but he doesn’t stop. He keeps on running. When the White man comes out and sees that the water is hot he turns to Coyote and sees Gray Fox. The White
man is puzzled but he picks up Gray Fox and throws him into the boiling water. The water burns all Gray Fox’s hair off. Then the Farmer realizes that the creature is a fox which is to small and skinny for him to eat,  he becomes annoyed and plucks fox out of the pot and throws him into the bushes.

That night Gray Fox sets out to find Coyote. He is so angry he wants to kill him. But again Coyote tricks Fox and runs away.

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