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Feminine Circles

Feminine Circles

Feminine Circles

Feminine Circles
July 2015

Circles, circles, and more circles … cups, flowers, wheels, balls, apples, oranges, seashells, our planet, nests, jars, stars, and so on … so much in nature is in the form of a circle. The Circle represents wholeness and is primarily a feminine sign as opposed to a line or cross or phallic shaft representing the masculine spirit. The circle is the mark of protection, a natural shape, a consecrated space. The round table with King Arthur and his men represented the idea of equality . Pagan sacred dances were circular. Stonehenge is a good example of a sacred space. The cup, container of nourishment, the vessel of life giving liquid.

Circles with spirals, spirals as eyes. Circles of petals, crowned sages, deities have circles of gold, a golden disc attached to the back of their head. The red haired goddess clutching a dove, listening to the music of the spheres. The lion with a halo of golden fur around his face, looks as majestic as a sun god. The rose, the lily and the lotus, circles of beauty.

Spirals are very ancient symbols used since paleolithic times and found all around the world. The whorls depict energy, the vortex, movement, winding and unwinding, the rhythms of nature, the seasons, thunder, lightning, rain and water, Whirling energy representing fire and flame, smoke and air. It is associated with weaving and spinning, the web of life, and the veil of the Mother Goddess, controller of destiny and weaver of illusions. The spiral is also associated with the navel the center of power and life.

The butterfly transforming from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to taking flight. Why the parrots? Why the Hen or the stairs or a nest with blue eggs. What does the apple have to do with the composition you might wonder. The apple came to mind when I thought of circles. The Hen begs the question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” This is circle thinking.

This collage piece was totally intuitive. I just let it unfold only asking when it was finished, “Why, How, What for?” I looked up the symbols. Chris sent me a piece that included the circles with spirals. I just started looking through my stash looking for Circles and Spirals. I’m pleased with the way the piece has come out and I am willing to let the mystery images be in the composition without completely understanding the why. There is a bit of Chaos about the piece that’s why I love the red haired girl with the dove. She represents the calm, the act of entering. She holds the space, calls for wisdom, calls for inner peace.

November The Frog Prince


Scan_Pic0004For the month of November we will be exploring the Grimm Brother’s tale, “The Frog Prince.” It is a tale about a beautiful Princess who reluctantly befriends a frog who magically transforms into a handsome prince.  In the original version of the story the frog’s spell was broken when the Princess threw the frog at a brick wall in a fit of disgust. There are several newer versions where the Princess is given a softer less selfish personally.

Abraham and Sarah The Big Picture


AbrahamSarahScan_Pic0003Abraham and Sarah

 This story comes from the Bible and the book of Genesis. About 2,000 BCE Abraham lived in Mesopotamia what is modern day Iraq. Abraham’s father, Terah was the tenth in descent from Noah. Abraham believed in one god, Yahweh. At that time, the majority of the people worshiped many gods. In Egypt there was Isis and Osiris, in Sumer the people were familiar with the story of Inanna and Dumuzi.

 In a dream or vision Abraham’s God told him to leave his home, the place where his family had lived for almost 75 years. God said he would lead Abraham into the desert to Canaan, the promised land, where he would start a new nation. God said he would bless Abraham with sons. God also said that if Abraham was obedient and make God his only God, Abraham and his children would be God’s chosen people. This was the covenant Abraham made with God.

 Abraham was married to Sarah. Sarah was barren. The couple had no children. They were both elderly. But Abraham believed in God and knew that what God told him would come to pass. God said, “Look up at the stars, you will have a son. He will have children, and from them a great nation will come. Because of God’s promise all people on earth would be blessed.

 Sarah felt bad that she had not given Abraham children and decided to offer her husband Hagar, her maid servant. Hagar was young and Abraham agreed. After Hagar got pregnant with Abraham’s child her behavior changed and Sarah got angry and treated Hagar poorly. In time Hagar runs away. God appears to Hagar and promises her that if she goes back and serves Sarah that he will make sure Hagar will see that her son Ishmael will be the father of so many children that no one would be able to count them. When Ishmael is born Abraham was 86 years old.

 When Ishmael is almost 14 years old Sarah conceives Abraham’s son Issac. This is a miracle because Sarah was over 90 years old and Abraham was almost a hundred.

 In my collage I show Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Issac and Ishmael. From Abraham and Sarah comes Issac, and Issac gives birth to Jacob and from this line comes Jesus. From Hagar and Abraham comes Ishmael and from this line comes the life of Mohammed. From the figures in my collage comes 3 major religions.. They are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.



“Where I’ve been this September”


Where have I been?

     My old computer died. It’s taken me all month to get a new computer and get it up and running. I am posting a collage and essay for the September’s tale of “Abraham and Sarah”. It covers the Big Picture of the story. I wanted to add a bit of research I did when working with the story. 

     The word Semitic refers to a large language family of Middle Eastern origin. Hebrew/Canaanite/Phoenician/Carthaginan languages are included as Semite languages among others. The word Semite means a member of any of various ancient and modern Semite speaking people originating in the Near East. Abraham was a Semite.

     Mesopotamia (between the two rivers) The area between the Tigris and Euphrates river systems. Iraq of today and Northeastern section of Syria and a much lesser extent Southeastern Turkey, Southwestern Iran and Kuwait. Widely considered to be the cradle of civilization in the west. Bronze age Mesopotamia included Sumer and Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian Empires.

     The Rivers … The Tigris and Euphrates rivers originate in the Mountains of Armenia and in the extreme south they unite and empty into the Persian Gulf.

     The earliest written language was Sumerian. The oldest text came from the Temple dedicated to the Goddess Inanna at Urak.

      These are just a few of the interesting facts I found and wanted to share.

     I want to thank Christine for doing a fabulous job with September’s story. I loved reading what she had to say about her Collages and the negative and positive aspects of the story.

     For the month of October we will be exploring Baba Yaga the Russian Witch stories. I’m running way behind schedule and hope to get back on program soon.

April’s Tale: Pandora’s Box


Pandora’s Box

Monthly tale for April 2013

 Our next tale is from Greece. Pandora’s Box is a very ancient Greek myth from the 7th Century BC.  According to Hesiod who recorded the myth, Pandora was the first human woman. Each Greek god helped to create her … she was all giving, all gifted. There are several early Greek versions of the story but all address the question of, “Why are there so many evils in this world?”

Over the 2,000 years the story has been told and retold, it has had many modifications or new interpretations.  In the earliest tellings of Pandora’s Box the container she was given was a jar. A large jar, which contained all the evils of the world. The original Greek word was Pithos meaning a large jar. Jars were used in ancient times for the storage of wine, oil, grain, or other provisions, or ritually as a container for a human body for burying. In the case of Pandora, this jar was probably made of clay or bronze metal. A mistranslation of Pithos is usually attributed to the 16th century humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam who translated the tale into Latin. He rendered pithos as a Greek word pyxis meaning “Box”. Pandora’s Box has endured ever since.

Another detail of the story that causes contention for some readers is the spirit Hope, which was left in the container. Does the holding of Hope in the box/jar mean it is being preserved for Man, or does it mean Hope is being kept away from man? Friedrich Nietzsche argued that Zeus did not want man to throw his life away. To that end, he gives man hope. In truth, it is the most evil of evils because it prolongs man’s torment. However, M.L.West says, “Hope is preserved as a benefit for humans.”

There are many versions of the myth. In all the versions, Pandora is the creation of all the Greek Gods, beautiful, curious, and talented. In other tellings, she is beautiful but “Sheer guile”, great trouble, no helpmate in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.”

In a modern telling Pandora is an innocent victim of Zeus’ trick on mortal man. When Hera gave her the gift of curiosity and Hermes hangs the key that opens the locked box around Pandora’s neck, it was only a matter of time before she’d open the box. In the end, Pandora saves the day by re-opening the box and letting Hope fly free to comfort mankind.

To read the Tale CLICK on Pandora’s Box under Monthly Tales on our Menu above.  We will be posting our artwork and essays on Monday.     April 1.