Hi, I’m Michelle and I live in Nevada City, CA. I have a nice studio in my house and more art supplies then I can use in one lifetime. I decided early that I was an artist. As a 10-year-old I wanted to be in the Sunday Children’s Activity Section of the local newspaper, which posted children’s drawings. I remember most of my school classes by the art projects we did … mural of wagon trains and Indian villages … papier-mache planets of our solar system … a travel brochure for an imaginary trip to Spain … weaving baskets … decorating the gym for school dances … Miss Menes’ Commercial Art class, after school job at the local hobby shop. Staying true to my early decision I became an art major in college. I returned to graduate school and got my Fine Arts teaching credential. I worked briefly as an Art Teacher at both the Jr. High School and Senior High School levels.

While raising my children I had a series of part-time sales and office type jobs. Later I changed direction and opened a gift and jewelry store. I really enjoyed having my shop. After I retired I decided I missed doing art and returned to my original idea of being a full-time artist. Something I’ve been enjoying ever since.

In 1996 I met Christine Irving, we shared many of the same interests and within a few years we started collaborating. Our first outing was a two women Art Show. Afterwards we started Leap Frog Studio Collage Works. We offered collage workshops and spent weekly studio time working together.

In 2011 Christine moved to Texas. We have missed collaborating and so we created this blog … Two Twitch A Tale. It is our intention to use this blog site as our virtual studio. We invite you to come play along with us as we tackle the monthly Tale, create and share our art, talk about our ideas on symbolic meanings, archetypes, the creative process and the other things we love doing.

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  2. I like the Hittite moon priest with hare very much and just wondered where you found this or where it was found ? or which museum or collection it is in?

    best wishes,

    James Crowden


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