Happy Anniversary to Us – the Two Who Twitch the Tales!


double chicks

A year ago Michelle and I started Two Twitch a Tale in order to create a virtual studio I which we could continue our collaboration as artists from different sides of the country.  It’s worked well; we’ve had fun, continued to produce art and informed the on-going exploration of our own interior landscapes.  On the other hand we’ve bumped up against some boundaries we didn’t know we had.  Both of us have struggled with a tendency, as we do the art work, to take the stories literally.  We are having trouble using the story elements as springboards to a more abstract expression of ideas.birds on a wireTo that end we’ve decided to loosen up a bit and try different ways to shake loose of our self-imposed restrictions.  Sometimes one has to trick the mind into stepping outside the box. We thought that by providing a wider, looser more generic category we might be able to work with the tales on our own terms rather than theirs!  This month our theme will be birds.  Michelle and I will each pick our own ways of exploring the subject, including our beloved tales.

hummer b&whummingbird       We’ll see what happens!  We’ve certainly enjoyed our year with you.  As always, we invite you to play along and send us your results.  We’ll be happy to post them and link back to your site.

Merry meet,


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