PS on the Papess


Echoes of Pope Joan! I just found this on SurLaLune – its an annotation to The Fisherman and His Wife” by Christine Ethier:

There was an Isabella (Isabill – fisherman’s wife) Geelvinck who lived in Bodensee, Germany in 1640 (Leon 138). Geelvinck disguised herself as a man and served in the army for a total of 15 years (Leon 138), serving as both a trooper and cook (Leon 138). After leaving the army, Geelvinck, still in male disguise, worked as a valet in Amesfoort in Holland until she decided to leave and stole some of her employer’s silver (Leon 138). She then went to Utrecht, where she worked as a maid until she was caught stealing more silver (Leon 139). She was allowed to finish out her contract (Leon 139). When her contract expired, she tried to burn down her employer’s house, was caught, tried, and sentenced to death.

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