Greetings from Michelle and Christine


Greetings from Michelle

The two in “Two Twitch a Tale” are … Christine Irving and Michelle Anglin. Two artist friends who have joined together to create this blog. Our plan is to focus on Tales … Myths, Fairy tales and Fables. The first Fairytale we will be working with is “Little Red Riding Hood”. There are many variations of this tale but the one we are basing our artwork on is from the Brothers Grimm. In this version the Wolf eats the Grandmother and Little Red. In the end, a Woodsman rescues the pair by cutting open the wolf so that Red and Granny can safely jump out.

On Feb. 4 Monday we will post our first art pieces. The prompt we used is … The Big Picture: Illustrate the story, its theme, or significance. 

We will be working with collage and mixed media. It is our intention to post 4 pieces of art, one each week, using different aspects of the fairytale as our prompt. Listed in our side bar are the weekly prompts that we will be applying to each tale.  Along with the art we will be commenting on our Artwork, discussing our process, ideas and anything that has come up during the creative process.

Each month we will select a new myth or fairytale to work with. We invite the reader to play along with us by commenting on our artwork and our blog postings. We look forward to our collaborative challenge and to your insightful comments.

Greetings from Christine

Michelle and I collaborated for years creating and giving collage workshops.  We have enjoyed working together and have learned a lot from each other in the process.  Besides our interest in art and a fascination with collage, in particular we share a deep interest in storytelling, the study of symbols and human psychology.

Since I moved from California to Texas, we’ve both missed our classes and collaborations.  Because we can no longer share a physical studio, we are resorting to virtual reality and hope to make this blog our workplace.  As always, our doors are open to those of you who want to play along.  We’ve decided on a monthly format using various fairy tales and myths as our platform and employing weekly prompts to launch our art projects.  As we go along, we plan to write about how and what we’ve created.  I’m looking forward to your feedback and insights.  Until then, may many blessings leapfrog your way.


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